Traffic / Trafic

Agricultural innovations in Morocco’s cannabis industry

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy & Jennifer Macfarlane / 2018 / International Journal of Drug Policy.

In Morocco, subsequent to very localized, experimental beginnings in the early 2000s, the progressive and varied adoption of cannabis agricultural innovations at the cultivation and production stages has spread throughout the Rif during the 2010s. Interviews and direct observations conducted in the field indicate that the ongoing adoption of modern farming techniques has enabled the production of high-quality hashish and potent modern extracts. The still ongoing modernization and professionalization of the Moroccan cannabis industry is a testimony of the country’s leading position in global hashish production.

L’opium dans la mondialisation: le cas du triangle d’or

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy / 2016 / Drogues, santé, société.

La géographie et l’histoire des drogues illégales sont profondément ancrées dans les dynamiques anciennes et actuelles du processus de mondialisation, ainsi que le montre la géohistoire du pavot à opium en Asie. Le pavot à opium parce qu’il fournit un exemple éloquent des relations dynamiques qui ont existé et qui persistent entre l’économie politique et la géographie des drogues illégales d’une part et la mondialisation d’autre part. L’Asie, quant à elle, fournit un espace géographique de référence riche d’enseignement parce que l’on peut estimer que le narcotrafic international y est né et que la plus importante toxicomanie de masse s’y est développée (l’opiomanie chinoise)...

The Supply of Hashish to Europe

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy / 2016 / EMCDDA.

This paper critically reviews the available data order to shed further light on what is happening with respect to the production of cannabis resin and its impact on the supply to Europe. It concludes that despite the paucity of data on both hashish production in Afghanistan, in Lebanon and in Morocco, and on the primary sources of the hashish consumed with the European Union, it appears that Moroccan hashish production has been underreported in the UNODC World Drug Reports. Also, it seems that mentions of resins sourced in Afghanistan and Lebanon are not corroborated by the availability of these products within the European Union.

La frontière, interface des trafics dans le Triangle d’or

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy / 2014 / L'espace politique.

Production et trafic de drogues se développent depuis plusieurs décennies dans l’espace dit du Triangle d’or, au cœur des hautes terres de l’éventail nord-indochinois : de la contrebande d’opium au trafic d’héroïne et de méthamphétamine. La région, espace altitudinal, périphérique et marginal, polyethnique et interétatique de production illégale d’opium et de méthamphétamine, apparaît aussi complexe que les trafics qui y ont cours. Routes, frontières et autres discontinuités spatiales fournissent la trame du trafic de drogue et, dans une certaine mesure, des conflits et de la lutte antidrogue qui rendent les activités illégales possibles et rentables.

Drug trafficking in and out of the Golden Triangle

Pierre--Arnaud Chouvy / 2013 /
An Atlas of Trafficking in Southeast Asia.

The Golden Triangle is the name given to the area of mainland Southeast Asia where most of the world’s illicit opium has originated since the early 1950s and until 1990, before Afghanistan’s opium production surpassed that of Burma. Although Burmese opium production has also considerably decreased after 1998, it has nevertheless proven to be geographically and historically resilient. This article explains in detail the emergence and the evolution of the drug traffikcing routes in and out of the Golden Triangle, as well as the anti-trafficking policies and actions undertaken by the regional states.

Introduction: Illegal Trades across National Borders

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy / 2013 /
An Atlas of Trafficking in Southeast Asia.

This book addresses the great diversity and complexity of illegal trading across mainland Southeast Asia, focusing on five of its most pervasive phenomenon: drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, wildlife and timber trafficking, and the trade in counterfeit goods and contraband...