The drug routes from central Asia to Europe

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy & Michel Koutouzis & Alain Labrousse / 2003 / G8 Ministerial Conference.

This paper was drafted by three independent non-governmental experts, Mr Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy [1], Mr Michel Koutouzis [2] and Mr Alain Labrousse [3], and is entirely their own work. It is based on sources provided by international organisations or by the States attending this Conference.

Opiate smuggling routes from Afghanistan to Europe and Asia

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy / 2003 / Jane's Intelligence Review.

Despite the fall of the Taliban and attempts to reintegrate Afghanistan into the international community, the country remains the world's main source of opiates - opium, morphine and heroin - with Central Asia and Iran retaining their role as key transit routes for their export. Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy reports.

The drug trade in Asia

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy / 2002 / Encyclopedia of Modern Asia.

3 articles: Drug trade in Asia; Golden Crescent / Golden Triangle.